Far Away From Everyday

This album features a brand new collection of original music that combines the talents of top-tier harp guitarists (9 this time, including Brad) and acoustic guitarists such as Phil Keaggy, Don Alder and Trevor Gordon Hall with jazz virtuosos Howard Levy (harmonica), Jeff Coffin (sax and flute), Joscho Stephan (gypsy jazz guitar prodigy), Tomas Mach (violin), Michael Manring (bass) and a wide variety of excellent players on cello, flute, oboe, clarinet, bass, guitar, nyckelharpa and percussion. A mind-blowing mix! 

The Musicians

Joscho Stephan | Howard Levy | Tomas Mach | Gregg Miner | Trevor Gordon Hall

Stephen Bennett | Jeff Coffin | Jeff Titus | Andy Wahlberg | Pete Bradshaw | Tom Shinness | Tom Roady | Ales Pavlicek

Phil Keaggy | Terry Hayes | Muriel Anderson | Mike Doolin | Josef Pepson Snetivy | Evan Cobb | Sascha Groschang

Michael Mannring | Alexander Jurman | Antoine Dufour | Don Alder | Russick Smith

Brad Hoyt | Brenda Reinicke | Peter Puma Hedlund | Jon Crabiel | Loreena Hoyt

Tracks/Personnel/Instrumentation (Click titles for sound samples)


1. The Relative Sea
Jeff Coffin: soprano saxophone
Howard Levy: harmonica 
Antoine Dufour: Noble harp guitar 
Terry Hayes: classical guitar 
Brad Hoyt: piano, flamenco guitar



2. Sharper’s Revenge 
Joscho Stephan: Gypsy guitar 
Howard Levy: harmonica 
Gregg Miner: Maccaferri harp guitar, Gypsy guitar 
Brad Hoyt: piano



3. Impossible Liaison 
Tomas Mach: violin 
Trevor Gordon Hall: Kalimbatar (guitar with attached kalimba) 
Sascha Groschang: cello 
Brenda Reinicke: flute 
Brad Hoyt: piano, arpa viola caipira, orphica piano, harpsichord, spinet, ukulele, wrenchinspiel, 8diOboe



4. Look Inside 
Phil Keaggy: guitar, classical guitar, 12-string guitar 
Sascha Groschang: cello 
Brad Hoyt: piano, orphica piano, arpa viola caipira



5. Kiss of Fate 
Howard Levy: harmonica 
Tom Shinness: cello 
Tom Roady: drums and percussion 
Mike Doolin: Doolin harp guitar 
Josef Snetivy: clarinet 
Brad Hoyt: piano



6. Ricochet 
Brad Hoyt: Sedgwick arpa viola caipira (30-string harp guitar), plucked piano, bowed piano, grand cimbalom 

7. Traverse 
Jeff Coffin: tenor saxophone 
Evan Cobb: oboe 
Don Alder: 6-string guitar 
Michael Manring: fretless bass 
Brad Hoyt: piano, Wurlitzer A-200 EP, arpa viola caipira, Spitfire strings, percussion 

8. Restive Nocturne 
Jeff Titus: Carlson “Oracle” harp sympitar 
Michael Manring: fretless bass, E-Bow bass 
Brad Hoyt: piano, Mark Deutsch’s bazantar, plucked grand piano



9. Elnora 
Stephen Bennett: Dyer harp guitar, National steel guitar 
Gregg Miner: harp mandolin, 7-string bass zither banjo 
Brad Hoyt: upright piano



10. Far Away From Everyday 
Howard Levy: harmonica 
Muriel Anderson: Doolin 21-string harp guitar 
Alex Jurman: bass guitar
Ales Pavlicek: drums 
Josef Snetivy: clarinet 
Russick Smith: cello 
Loreena Hoyt: oboe 
Jon Crabiel: percussion 
Tom Roady: misc percussion 
Brad Hoyt: piano, percussion



11. Beneath the Iron Gate 
Evan Cobb: oboe 
Pete Bradshaw: Wingert harp guitar
Brad Hoyt: piano



12. September 
Andy Wahlberg: Dyer harp guitar 
Peter Hedlund: nyckelharpa 
Brenda Reinicke: flute 
Sascha Groschang: cello 
Brad Hoyt: piano



13. Sometimes You Just Know 
Muriel Anderson: Doolin 21-string harp guitar 
Brad Hoyt: arpa viola caipira, orphica piano, lautenwerck (lute harpsichord), Lutheal Piano (clavecin stop)



14. Alternate Timeline 
Jeff Coffin: flute 
Howard Levy: harmonica 
Mike Doolin: Doolin acoustic harp guitar 
Brad Hoyt: piano, struck slide piano, Mark Deutsch’s bazantar