New Release: "2020"

This album features music and piano improvisations that reflects the various mindsets and observations I experienced during the year of the pandemic. You may find some of these tracks uplifting while others may seem more like an unsettling reflection of…

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Tonight We Dance

New Album!

"Tonight We Dance"

Currently available in high quality audio formats HERE.

New Single: Way Back When (extended version)

This is the original version of the tune “Way Back When”, which appears on the album "Prague". This version ran long with an extended instrumental break in the middle and at the end. For this release, I added various instruments…

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New Back Catalog Releases!


In the interest of having a complete representation of the music I've written available online, I decided to put together the following albums which include music I recorded from 1990 to 2002. For these re-releases, I went back and…

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Brad Hoyt | Dolorous

New Release!

"Dolorous - Origin: Late Middle English: from Old French doleros, from late Latin dolorosus, from Latin dolor ‘pain, grief’." 

A collection of piano solos with common themes being sadness, pain, love, and contemplation.


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