Welcome to the official website of composer, pianist and harp guitarist Brad Hoyt. 

New Release: "2020" 

This album features music and piano improvisations that reflects the various mindsets and observations I experienced during the year of the pandemic. You may find some of these tracks uplifting while others may seem more like an unsettling reflection of reality.

Now Available in high quality audio formats below.

Also available at Apple MusiciTunes and Amazon

Newbury & Hobbes | The Immorality Engine (Official Soundtrack) 

My new album "The Music of Newbury & Hobbes | The Immorality Engine (Original Soundtrack)" is now available everywhere!

This music is based on and inspired by the third novel of George Mann's "Newbury & Hobbes"* fantasy/steampunk/mystery series. 

This expanded soundtrack includes 14 tracks which adds up to an hour of music.

 Apple Music, iTunes | Amazon | GooglPlay

Bandcamp Store (High quality audio)

Pandora | Spotify

Thank you for listening!

New Single: Way Back When (extended version) 

This is the original version of the tune “Way Back When”, which appears on the album "Prague". This version ran long with an extended instrumental break in the middle and at the end. For this release, I added various instruments and voices to complete this extended version.

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