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Brad Hoyt | Dolorous 

New Release!

"Dolorous - Origin: Late Middle English: from Old French doleros, from late Latin dolorosus, from Latin dolor ‘pain, grief’." 

A collection of piano solos with common themes being sadness, pain, love, and contemplation.


Will be available on all streaming services (Apple Music, Spotify, etc) and other online stores (Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, etc) on November 15th.

The Music of Newbury & Hobbes | The Osiris Ritual 

I'm happy to announce that "The Music of Newbury & Hobbes | The Osiris Ritual (Original Soundtrack)" is now available at online stores everywhere!  This music is based on and inspired by the second novel of George Mann's "Newbury & Hobbes"* fantasy/steampunk/mystery series.

I'm especially proud of this release. I hope you enjoy the music!

iTunes | Amazon | Google Play

...and a new option to purchase the music in lossless formats:

Uncompressed Audio at Bandcamp

'Newbury & Hobbes' © George Mann 2008, 2019

Newbury & Hobbes Main Theme - Single Release! 


I'm happy to announce the I will be releasing an album of music in September named "The Music of Newbury & Hobbes - Volume One"!

This music is inspired by the characters and events that take place during the first three "Newbury & Hobbes" steampunk mystery novels written by author George Mann.

As a precursor to this release, the main theme is now available to purchase!

Apple / iTunes   |   Amazon   |   Google Play 

This theme will also be featured in the new soundtrack album "The Music of Newbury & Hobbes, Volume One" which will be released in September 2018.  

Signed copies of the CD will be available at 

I hope you enjoy this new music!

'Newbury & Hobbes' © George Mann 2008, 2018


A Christmas Single - "Gabriel's Message"  

I released a new recording of the Christmas tune "Gabriel's Message" today that's available exclusively at my CD Baby store for download. This piece was recorded a year ago and included as a bonus track on "The Past Future" physical CD release. The music features a felt grand piano, cello, and a titanium euphone. Piano recording produced by Olafur Arnalds in association with Spitfire Audio. 


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