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A Christmas Single - "Gabriel's Message"  

I released a new recording of the Christmas tune "Gabriel's Message" today that's available exclusively at my CD Baby store for download. This piece was recorded a year ago and included as a bonus track on "The Past Future" physical CD release. The music features a felt grand piano, cello, and a titanium euphone. Piano recording produced by Olafur Arnalds in association with Spitfire Audio. 


Chasing Time (Special Child) 

Here's another new recording I'd like to share: It's a song I wrote this year originally as a solo piano piece inspired by the emotions that run through parent's minds while caring for their children with special needs. This version features various odd historical instruments such as a table piano, Stroh violin, harpsichord, various music boxes and an Orphica piano among others. It's an arrangement that I thought would be right at home in the world of Vadim Voitekhovitch and his steampunk inspired art.

CLICK HERE to listen...!

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