The Music of Newbury & Hobbes | The Osiris Ritual

I'm happy to announce that "The Music of Newbury & Hobbes | The Osiris Ritual (Original Soundtrack)" is now available at online stores everywhere!  This music is based on and inspired by the second novel of George Mann's "Newbury &…

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Newbury & Hobbes Main Theme - Single Release!


I'm happy to announce the I will be releasing an album of music in September named "The Music of Newbury & Hobbes - Volume One"!

This music is inspired by the characters and events that take place…

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Chasing Time (Special Child)

Here's another new recording I'd like to share: It's a song I wrote this year originally as a solo piano piece inspired by the emotions that run through parent's minds while caring for their children with special needs. This version…

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