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Chasing Time (Special Child) 

Here's another new recording I'd like to share: It's a song I wrote this year originally as a solo piano piece inspired by the emotions that run through parent's minds while caring for their children with special needs. This version features various odd historical instruments such as a table piano, Stroh violin, harpsichord, various music boxes and an Orphica piano among others. It's an arrangement that I thought would be right at home in the world of Vadim Voitekhovitch and his steampunk inspired art.

CLICK HERE to listen...!

"Brad Hoyt's Harp Guitar" by Soundiron 

For composers out there that are interested in adding a unique sound pallet to their recordings, I recommend checking out "Brad Hoyt's Harp Guitar" by Soundiron

Here's a excerpt from the product page: "This library is a powerful completely multi-sample based full range 30-string acoustic harp guitar library. It offers powerful single-note lead, chord creation, rhythm building, gliss and strum performance, all with total real-time control and automation support. We sampled plucks, palm mutes, chokes, slides, glisses, scrapes, guitar body percussion and tons of other effects to fully capture every nuance of this exquisite instrument, with deep round-robin and velocity layering and total attention to detail."

I'm looking forward to incorporating the tangible, and virtual, instrument in some new recordings this spring! 

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